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Increase Profits, Benefit from Tax Credits, Reduce Overhead by Going Solar

Enjoy Short-Term and Long-Term Savings with Commercial Solar

The benefits of going green partially or entirely for your business' energy offers a variety of benefits. Not only do you gain the benefits of renewable energy, but you will also work with our expert, certified team at ICON POWER to design, plan, install, and maintain your array. We’ve been loyally serving the Phoenix & Las Vegas Valleys for years with thousands of happy customers saving significantly by making the educated choice of going with ICON POWER!











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Commercial Solar a High ROI Investment for Your Business

parking lot with solar panel

Many Arizona & Nevada solar systems have a return on investment that rivals traditional investments. This is because of the substantial cost savings from going solar. With solar, it allows you to minimize your utility cost, increase profitability over time, gain control of rising energy costs, and earn tax credits and benefits starting year 1- up to 55%! Initial investments are typically paying for itself within 5 – 7 years and then the following 18 - 20 years are at a profit. Whether your interested in saving money, reducing you carbon footprint, or being a leader in renewable energy, Icon Power has the experience and technology to deliver those results.


After your initial investment pays for itself, you can see significantly reduced, eliminated, or even credited power bills.


If you look at any moderate to long-term investment, solar power is near the top of the list 

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EV Chargers

& Installation



Every Commercial System is Unique to Your Business

Commercial Solar a High ROI Investment for Your Business

Each commercial solar & energy storage installation is unique — from the financial and project goals, to engineering and design, interconnection with the grid, and operational planning. We draw on decades of experience and consult with business and private sector customers to design a customized system that meets their unique business needs. We handle permitting, building, interconnection, and maintenance — always anticipating any issues that may arise.

Whether your organization is choosing onsite commercial solar to hedge against rising energy costs and save costs — or to meet corporate renewable energy goals and growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced products — we keep your goals front and center. We work with you to build an economically attractive system that will power your operations with renewable energy — generated on site, where it’s consumed.

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Full Service Renewable Energy Services

As a leader in solar energy for small commercial, we know solutions aren’t realized without a goal. That’s why our comprehensive services begin and end with our experienced team of solar experts at your side, throughout your entire commercial solar energy project.

  • No Cost Financial Feasibility and Analysis (Upon Request)

  • Project Design and Procurement Options Available

  • Full Turnkey Roof, Solar Carports, & Ground Mount Installs

  • EV Chargers & Installation

  • Construction Management & Utility Connectivity

  • Ability to Maintain Your System After Installation

Solar panels installed on the office bui

Multi-Family Housing Going Solar

Owners and managers of multifamily buildings are looking for ways to maximize the value of their properties continue to discover the many benefits of solar energy.


Multifamily solar allows both property owners and tenants to capture the benefits of a shared solar system. Rather than having a different solar system installed for each tenant or electric account, a single system can be designed to offset multiple electricity loads, such as common areas and tenant units.

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We'll Explain Everything Simply . . .

We know that the process of installing solar for your business may seem overwhelming. Icon Power is here to provide you with a no-obligation consultation where we can show you the benefits of commercial solar for your business and answer your questions.


Icon will clearly explain the financing and purchasing options available to you. If we are a good fit and we both decide to move forward, our commercial solar team will handle everything from the inspections and permits to paperwork and installation. 

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